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The benefits of foot activation

Energy Boost (Fatigue & Stress resilience)

Activated feet capture increased ground contact forces to produce higher energy levels. This coupled with more muscle activation means greater resistance to fatigue & stress.

Mechanoreceptors (MCRs) are the sensory cells embedded within the fascial network and this network communicates not only with the neuromuscular system but also the Autonomic and Peripheral nervous systems, essentially contributing to the reception, transmission and effectiveness of responses to stimuli that input to all these systems. 

With an influence on the tension status in the fascial system all the muscles, organs & tissues the fascia envelops can be either optimised with healthy & selected stimulation or become unbalanced in other words dysfunctional. This sets a pattern which can be subconsciously reinforced, learnt & triggered. So the implications are the sensation of exhaustion, feeling depressed or lack of energy/motivation can all be modified by mechanical activation of the mechanoreceptors supporting improved wellbeing.

Pain & Symptoms Relief

Activated feet stimulate the body’s natural neural defence pathways against feeling pain & related symptoms. Mechanoreceptor (MCR) stimulation relieves pain perception.

Pain is a complex sensation interpreted centrally and influenced by many factors. It is also mediated from the periphery by complex not fully understood neural pathways. The secondary effects of feeling pain are the symptoms we see a suffering individual display. The nerve fibres and receptors for pain are specific and widespread throughout the body. Pain perception is modulated by both chemical & neural interactions. Mechanical stimulation of MCRs is but one way to ameliorate the transmission of pain signals from the nociceptors (pain sensors) by interfering with their signal conduction into the spinal cord (inhibition) reducing subsequent higher centre pain perception.

Increase Endurance & Speed (Performance)

Activated feet improve the reaction to forces & coordination of responses  - the basis of speed. Through the neuromuscular system activated Mechanoreceptors (MCRs) extend the point at which you normally would fatigue.

In maximal exertion scenarios, it has been shown that the coupling of MCRs stimulation to limb musculature can delay the onset of fatigue to those muscles contracting maximally thus sustaining force generation times. In the setting of low-intensity training where more aerobic energy requirements are needed the prolonged feeling of energy availability supports continued workout/performance duration. When more muscle motor units are recruited the individual can draw on a larger motor to ‘drive’ power.

Speed on the other hand requires force generation capacity over time  - ideally shorter times to increase speed. Timing and coordinating contractions is essential to develop speed in the myofascial system and is supported by the fascial network to maintain optimal system tensioning efficiently. When MCRs are more activated the body will train with greater sensorial input to the entire neuromuscular system with the potential to maximise response times & reactions for speed development.

Build Strength (Performance)

Activated feet mean Mechanoreceptors (MCRs) will recruit more muscle to support maximal force generation.

The strong link between strength, power & performance is underpinned by our ability to train, move & work with a higher intensity which stresses the human system to respond or match the force demands. When these higher training demands are met by greater responses for all the above previously stated reasons stemming from MCR stimulation and fascial network optimisation there will be a greater strength generation and training development. So after training or work the neuromuscular system will be maximally regenerated in response to maximal loadings.

Support Training & Recovery

Activated feet enable you to train harder & longer by engaging your whole body. Harnessing the Mechanoreceptors (MCRs) increases the body’s capacity to recover & regenerate.

The focus here is recovery which permits the loads of training to transform at a cellular level into benefits such as larger muscles, more numerous muscle fibres, efficient chemical reactions in the energy chain, better oxygen delivery enzyme interactions, etc. At the same time, MCRs stimulation gives support to increasing Vagus nerve tone into the Parasympathetic system inducing deeper faster relaxation, improved heart rate variability & breathing  - all essential to full recovery & supporting rest.

Improve Balance & Reduce Falls

Activated feet promote greater sensitivity & awareness which the body uses to plan & execute movement. Stimulation of feet Mechanoreceptors (MCRs) improves stability while allowing more muscle control to move safely. 

MCRs work in unison with proprioceptors to improve & support the restoration of balance and reactions to sudden changes in movement stability & direction. If we recall how MCRs within the myofascial system influence tension and can increase muscle fibre recruitment for more force generation coupled with more sensitive movement & body position awareness, it becomes clear how balance improves while reducing the risk of falls & their sequelae. Training with strong MCRs activation in the feet & their interaction with ground forces & surfaces will foster faster reaction times to respond to movement correction, body sway & protective reflexes