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ActivFeet is an education network & problem-solving brand bringing together the latest research, clinical practices, services & products.

These highly specific sensory endings are the starting point for our total body to interpret, engage & react to our external environment.

Dynamic movement involves a relationship between gravity & the ground, creating impact forces that provide our body with the energy to move. Our relationship to gravity begins with the human foot, the perception of the ground is instrumental in enabling us to move easily in diverse natural environments.

Very quick, almost immediately.


We endeavour to optimise your goals by highlighting the critical role the MCRs play as sensory endings into the Fascial network - the two are inseparable from all our integrated body systems health & performance.

This means not just your physical parameters can improve but also your emotional & psychological because the autonomic neurovisceral system is engaged.

With services, products & people targeted to this unique one-stop approach results are optimised faster.