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Introducing tyfo

tyfo represents a revolution in how we reconnect our foot sensory system without changing our need for footwear, allowing us to experience many of the benefits of going barefoot but with the protection and support footwear provides. Strategically located domes located across the base of tyfo insoles stimulate key mechanoreceptors in the foot, leading to enormous benefits for the entire kinetic chain and some truly life-changing results.

How does it work?

Our foot is an incredible piece of evolution, perfected over tens of thousands of years of barefoot movement. Not only is it the basis of all our movement, but it is also a major sensory organ critical for the healthy function of the overall body. The demands of modern life and our footwear choices have led to much of this sensory system being turned off, which in turn can lead to other negative effects.

Walking barefoot allows you to reconnect this sensory system, sensing every detail such as whether is it hard, soft, slippery, hot/cold, spikey or sharp etc - we all know that grounded and connected feeling we get when we stand barefoot on the grass or sand. Yet obviously barefoot isn’t practical for us most of the time, which is where tyfo comes in.

tyfo reconnects your foot's sensory system and allows your foot to go from being just a load-bearing system protected by a shoe, to a complete sensory experience that improves all aspects of your daily life. By unlocking this inbuilt evolutionary system which every person has, you harness ground reaction forces and improved sensory feedback with every step, leading to a whole host of benefits.

Stronger tendons & muscles

The foot is one of the most complex parts of the human body, with 25% of the bones in the body located in the foot alone. Supporting this structure is a complex web of ligaments, muscles, tendons and fascia fibres, which are more concentrated in the plantar area than anywhere else on the body. 

We are all familiar with the idea of core strength, but how do you strengthen the foot? You don’t build a tower without setting deep foundations, and in much the same way, core strength - while important - is often just a compensator for poor foot strength ie: weak foundations.

tyfo strengthens your core foot muscles and tendons with every step. Think of it like a gym for your feet. Over time, this process leads to some profound benefits, as your body reconnects its kinetic chain, placing more load onto the gluteus maximus (the largest muscle in our body), thereby easing strain on knees, hips, back, neck and shoulders. Glute loading reduces strain on the core and allows other supporting muscles to return to their original function instead of having to compensate.

Improved strength and endurance, reduced injury, faster recovery, enhanced proprioception and resolution or alleviation of common musculoskeletal conditions are all possible with tyfo Muscle Activators.

Exercise even when you’re not exercising

There are 168 hours in a week, of which we are awake for an average of 112 hours. Yet how many of those hours can we actually dedicate to exercise or improving our quality of life?

With tyfo, Now You Can turn every waking hour into a positive benefit for your body. Turn those 112 hours into an opportunity to passively exercise simply by wearing tyfo Muscle Activators. 

When wearing tyfo Muscle Activators, every time your feet touch the ground you are stimulating and firing your body’s sensory network, enhancing mood, awareness and proprioception. With every step you take, you are strengthening and conditioning your core foot muscles. All of these work in concert to improve your entire musculature loading from the ground up, improving a wide range of bodily functions and often leading to dramatic relief of symptoms further up the chain such as high as the neck.