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ActivFeet is pleased to introduce its new partnership with the Gordon Health Academy, a highly respected leader in the field of Myofascial research and clinical therapy services. 

Its founder Christopher-Marc Gordon is a physiotherapist, myofascial osteopath, naturopathic practitioner, performance coach, clinical scientist, and inventor. 

At the core of his work lies Interdisciplinary Fascia Therapy (IFT®), an integrative approach to health development. He developed the ReleaZer® series to facilitate instrument-based self-application of this treatment methodology.

Christopher Gordon brings an exceptional level of knowledge, experience and passion to the ActivFeet family and sets a new standard for both education and clinical application of fascia therapy.

GordonHealth mission:

We empower individuals to unlock their full potential. Together they learn how to tap into their inner strength to build and maintain sustainable resilience, vitality and higher performance, all without the risks of unwarranted wear and tear.

What we do at GordonHealth

Grounded in Interdisciplinary Fascia Therapy (IFT®) as an evidence-based therapeutic approach, we create tools for self-treatment and educate our patients and clients on how to utilize their benefits.

Through instrument-assisted "Vibro-Shearing-and-Breathing" techniques, they discover how to:

  • revitalise and rehydrate stressed, painful tissues
  • gain control over their autopilot and create flow states
  • activate various vitality processes by synchronizing the heart, brain and lungs.

This program was designed to seamlessly integrate and benefit the human body's everyday challenges. Numerous clinical research studies have validated its effectiveness and long-term sustainability.

Vibration-assisted shearing to stimulate all tissue receptors

Differing from the traditional myofascial rolling technique, our instrument-based shearing techniques not only refresh your tissues but also ensure the targeted removal of used, stagnant fluids. Furthermore, they enable the stimulation of all receptors within the tissue in a single application, creating a highly energized and long-lasting effect. 

Vibration-assisted breathing to achieve high performance with a relaxed focus

In addition to the muscle fascia system, the autonomic nervous system has emerged as a substantial ‘missing link’ to health development and performance enhancement. Our vibro-breathing techniques allow us to balance our autonomic nervous system through heart-rate variability (HRV) training. Extensive scientific research findings confirm HRV training as a pivotal factor in the effectiveness of therapy and training methods.

To learn more about how you can best benefit from our self-help programme, visit our Academy!

What makes us special

  • “Thinking outside the box” by connecting therapy, research, training and product development
  • Therapeutic intervention "made simple and understandable“
  • Self-empowerment through simple, instrument-based self-treatments
  • Backed by broad scientific validation to ensure the effectiveness and sustainability of all our approaches.